The "I'm New" page is designed to answer questions a person might have before attending the church for the first time.  If you have different questions than those listed here please don't hesitate to email or phone us.

What is it like?

- At HAC we love to create a family oriented, fun, and loving environment! We welcome people of all walks of life; acknowledging we are a group of people wanting to explore and discover who God is and how he relates to us and how we can relate to him.  We enjoy the deep, meaningful and reverent times during our services and interactions with God and one another all the while not being afraid to enjoy life and have a few laughs together. We would love to have you come check us out.

What about my kids?

- For toddlers (babies who can sit up on their own to age 2). At this time we are not offering a nursery program due to government regulations. Likewise, for children aged 3-12, we have Children's Church (Sunday School) which provides the children with Bible centered teaching while having a blast doing so! You can register your child at our Children's Ministries desk in the lobby of our church and please note all of our children's leaders and helpers are "Plan to Protect" approved workers. We are not offer children's ministries at this time. Please check the website periodically as we hope to offer a limited program in the near future.

- If you have teens we have bible study and events scheduled regularly for them.  Please check out the youth bulletin board located beside to our Associate/Youth Pastor's office which is right next to the kitchen.  You can also connect with Pastor Ryan for more information about our youth ministry. 

What do I wear?

- We have people who wear their "Sunday best" dressing in suits and dresses to folks who show up in jeans and a t-shirt to those who prefer the "its too early for me" kind of look. All jokes aside, we don't have any kind of a dress code, smart casual is probably the most common look. 

How can I get connected?

Within the sanctuary we have connection cards (paper/online) which provides you space to fill out your contact info and what it is you're looking for - from coffee and casual talk - to serious theological discussion or even if you're looking for volunteer opportunities you can fill out the card and hear back from Pastor Ryan or Pastor Kevin. You may also skip the card if you wish and just ask one of our Pastors, Elders, Administrator or really anybody at the church. We're all happy to welcome new faces and love when people want to get involved at HAC!


What if I need some prayer and counsel?  

 - We have a dedicated prayer team, we have elders and pastors who would be honored to sit and listen to your story and pray with you.   There is a blue card you can fill out (paper or online) that is specifically for prayer requests.  Please feel free to fill one in anytime and know that prayers will happen on your behalf.