You may donate to Hinton Alliance Church by Auto eTransfer.

You set up the church as an etransfer recipient in your own account as you would any other recipient.

Name: Hinton Alliance Church

Email: [email protected]

To initially set up some banks require a question/answer to set up a recipient. The difference is that the church will not need to know this question/answer as your donation is automatically deposited when you send an etransfer (auto deposit program)

Important: In the "message box" you will have to put your name so we know who has donated. Secondly, please say where you would like it to go: General, Building, Membrillal

You can donate by cheque. You can bring it to the office, drop it in the Offering Plate, or you can mail it: 147 Swanson Drive, Hinton, AB T7V 1H1

You can donate with Debit Machine. The machine is in the office with instructions on how to use it.

Coming in the future we will have PayPal available.